Schnapps from our region – known worldwide!

1st German lesson: High percentage, distilled fruits, herbs and /or grain otherwise known as “medicine”. For example Plumschnapps you will still find in the medicine cabinets of German farmers wive’s . Grandma swears it helps to disinfect and keeps the cold away, but also nice to rub on sore feet. Let us help to ensure you everlasting health. Together we want to indulge in local Distilleries.

Naturally we learn all about distilling, myths and anecdotes. We inform you about the different variaties:

  • Liquor =  sweet and low in alcohol, 17-25%, and served at almost every afternoon Tea party.
  • Schnaps = up to 45% proof, clear and considered real “Medicine”!

Happy and healthy we end a perfect day in the perfect way.

Opportunities are naturally given to take this “wonder-water” home.