“I lost my heart in Heidelberg”

Heidelberg invites you to come and enjoy its charm and beauty. Narrow lanes and cobble stones in contrast with a truly cosmopolitan city with a Mediterranean touch.

150,000 people live in Heidelberg now, and 30,000 of them are students – a vibrant city.

Find out about Heidelberg’s history, why the first university on German speaking soil was established in 1386 here, enjoy many different types of architecture and be happy that this wonderful city was spared by World War II.

Hungry and thirsty? Seek out one of the numerous small, cosy restaurants or taverns in the main street or tucked away off the beaten track, all serving Heidelberg fare.

Don’t forget to try the “Student Kisses”, a chocolate delight created in 1863 – still handmade today according to its original recipe. Or the “Cannonballs”, a delicious sponge dough ball which has been made since 1896, symbolizing the history of the city.

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