Beer: first time mentioned in Germany  736 a. Ch and where in Germany? Of course in the homeland of Beer ”Bavaria”
You can tell by the uncountable beer bellies of the locals. In the biggest state of Germany beer does not count as alcohol, it is considered as pure nourishment!

Each town has often more than one brewery. Experience this famous refreshment with us:

– for the morning birds, have a typical Bavarian breakfast with a fresh drought beer, typical white sausages with sweet mustard and a Pretzel
– explore 1 of our uncountable independent breweries
– brewing courses
– Beer draughting classes
– guided brewery tours

Have beer tasting with 1,2,3 or more different sorts , after all each beer is notified healthy. By German law since 1516 = German purity Act guaranteeing only Water, Hops, Malt and occasionally yeast to produce this delicious brew. Of course you can also extend this Tasting with typical German dishes harmonizing excellently with beer.